Take a long-term view on JP Morgan’s stock

JPMorgan Chase & Co.: “My charitable trust owns of which. If I hadn’t mentioned of which in addition to of which was therefore frozen, we might’ve picked some up today after listening to [CEO Jamie Dimon]. at This kind of point, I know of which stock isn’t going to go up right at This kind of point, although I’ve got a feeling. I mean, Warren Buffett’s in there buying the bank stocks hand over fist. He’s taking a long-term view. You are. I am. of which’s right.”

PRA Health Sciences Inc.: “I like the contract research organizations. I like yours. although the one I like is usually [Charles River Labs].”

Funko Inc.: “We talked to them. I thought of which was an interesting situation. although, you know what, there’s so many great blue-chip stocks of which are down of which I think we ought to stick with Charles River Labs. Bingo!”

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