Talk To Your Kids About a Tragedy

(HealthDay News) — With graphic images of terrorist acts and also also also mass shootings all over the news, the item’s difficult to keep your children by seeing and also also also hearing about these events.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says parents should explain these tragedies to children in ways they can understand and also also also cope with.

Explain in an age-appropriate way in which you are here to protect and also also also support them. Ask them what they’ve already heard, and also also also ask if they have any questions.

At the same time, avoid exposing your children directly to graphic images and also also also descriptions in which appear on TV or on social media.

Some children may find the item difficult to cope, and also also also may fear for their lives and also also also the lives of those they love.

The academy says parents should watch for these warning signs of coping issues:

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