Target CEO says he still sees many opportunities in retail

Target CEO Brian Cornell says he’s optimistic about the holiday season as well as consumer confidence, as well as still sees lots of opportunities in retail.

As all stores head into the crucial season, the Minneapolis-based discounter he has led since 2014 has been revamping its stores, opening smaller locations in urban markets as well as trying to offer more expert customer help in areas like food, clothing, as well as electronics.

Retailers overall are under pressure to make the stores more inviting as well as offer experiences shoppers couldn’t get online, as customers increasingly opt for the convenience of shopping online.

Target is actually offering fresh store brands, eight of which will be available for once for the holiday season. in which includes the much-anticipated Heart & Hand by Magnolia, a lifestyle brand coming from Chip as well as Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.”

Target’s also been expanding online services including at This particular point shipping online orders coming from 1,400 of its 1,800 stores for faster delivery. in which’s hiring 100,000 temporary workers, a 40 percent increase coming from last year, to working in its stores, stocking shelves or fulfilling online orders.

Cornell spoke recently with The Associated Press about the holiday season as well as how consumers are feeling. The interview was edited for length as well as clarity.

Q: Why do you feel optimistic about the season?

A: I feel actually Great. We’ve been working all year to bring our fresh brand offerings to life, to bring more value to the guest. We have done a lot of work to reimagine stores as well as move into fresh neighborhoods, so the holiday season is actually where in which all comes together.

Q: What’s been the reaction to Target’s move to add dedicated experts?

A: If you shop beauty today, we have someone there in which can help you, who understands the category, in which’s there to assist you as well as make a decision. In apparel, there’s someone who can put together an outfit for Friday night. So the guest reaction has been actually positive. I’m absolutely confident in which is actually leading to market-share improvements. We’re seeing stability as well as improvements in food as well as beverage as well as a big uptick in produce. We at This particular point have produce experts.

Q: What’s the state of the consumer?

A: The consumer has been incredibly resilient. I look at the latest consumer confidence numbers. They look actually positive, as well as we’re seeing traffic up at the stores. We’re seeing visits (to our) store site grow.

I think we are going into the holiday season using a stable consumer environment.

Q: Given a rash of layoffs at stores, do you think the retail industry is actually still the entry point into the workforce?

A: We’re a big part of the American economy. Things are changing. There may be different types of retail opportunities, whether in which is actually in a store or as a visual merchant or working in fulfilment so the jobs may change over time, nevertheless there’s lots of opportunities.

I still believe in which for well-run retailers in which have great financial fundamentals who are investing inside business, there’s great opportunity to take market share. I am absolutely determined to make sure Target is actually one of those winners.

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