Tech elites embracing positive stress: cold showers, extreme diets

Zachary Rapp wakes up most mornings at the crack of dawn, goes for a run, sips black coffee while ripping through emails, as well as also then steps into a freezing cold shower.

the item’s a routine designed to reduce the stress of juggling three different health as well as also biotech start-ups for 18 hours a day.

Rapp is usually part of the growing “positive stress” movement, consisting of tech workers who claim which such radical tactics will help them live better as well as also longer or — in Silicon Valley — work better for longer.

Inspired by influencers in entertainment, entrepreneurship as well as also science, the positive stress practitioners seek out some combination of extreme temperatures, restrictive diets, punishing exercise routines as well as also general discomfort. There’s also whole body cryotherapy — electric walk-in cold chambers — popping up at spas across the country.

“Right currently I’m trying to push through an inhuman amount of work,” Rapp told CNBC.

Rapp is usually co-founder of digital health start-up PhenoMx; the CEO of Signa Genetics, which makes a non-invasive device which’s trying to deliver DNA into cells using magnetic fields; as well as also the head of business development at medical device maker Altoida.

“the item keeps me balanced,” Rapp said, referring to ice baths, hot yoga, intermittent fasting as well as also the Whole30 diet he’ll try next month, which requires cutting out grains, legumes, dairy, sugar as well as also alcohol. “Like the stress is usually leaving my body, so I don’t feel like I’m hitting a brick wall.”

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