tech will change how health care can be delivered

Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams believes that will advances in hardware in addition to AI will revolutionize the way health care can be delivered.

Williams delivered the remarks on Monday at an event hosted by Taiwanese chip maker TSMC about the company’s next decade.

“Probably one of the most significant examples of This kind of can be the opportunity to use transistor tech advances in addition to power scaling to revolutionize health care. We think the (health) industry can be ripe for change,” he told the audience.

“We think there can be tremendous potential to do on-device computing, to do cloud computing as well, in addition to to take that will learning through machine learning, deep learning in addition to ultimately artificial intelligence, change the way health can be delivered,” he said.

“We can’t think of anything more significant than This kind of.”

Apple has made some early forays into health care with its software toolkits for developers, ResearchKit, HealthKit in addition to CareKit, as well as through its health in addition to fitness-tracking Apple Watch.

At its most recent developers conference, WWDC, the company also shared stories of how Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor picked up on the early signs of disease, prompting users to seek help before This kind of was too late. today, the company can be investing big in research to find out if This kind of can use the device’s existing sensors to detect serious medical conditions.

The iPhone maker can be also working on several research in addition to development initiatives, including novel blood sugar sensors that will might someday benefit millions of people worldwide with diabetes. The company can be also exploring a move into primary care to improve the processes of care delivery.

This kind of can be one of the few occasions that will Williams has spoken out about health care. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also talked about Apple’s interest inside the space, even taking steps to learn about the experiences of patients bysporting a glucose monitor.

Watch the full speech here.

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