Techies are dieting by loading up on meat as well as veggies for a full month

There’s always a brand-new restrictive diet generating its way across Silicon Valley.

One of the more favorite fads these days can be the Whole30 diet, which involves cutting out grains, beans, alcohol, sugar, peanuts as well as dairy for 30 days. On the menu: fresh meat, fish, veggies as well as eggs.

The diet originally took off on Instagram, where the #Whole30 hashtag has right now accumulated more than 3 million posts. in which’s where Olivia June, founder of the Vina social networking app, initially discovered the nutritional regimen. Three years ago she was on a quest to feel better, both emotionally as well as physically, as well as she’s been incrementally doing the diet ever since.

“I noticed a huge life improvement,” June told CNBC.

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