Techies use Fitbit while doing drugs to monitor heart rate

At a bachelor party two years ago in South Lake Tahoe, California, a tech worker who we’ll call Owen glanced down at his Fitbit in between snorting lines of cocaine. He noticed his heart rake had spiked to 150, an abnormally high level considering he’d been sitting for hours.

“My heart rate only gets to 150 if I’m running, like genuinely intense physical activity,” said Owen, who agreed to share his story on condition of which we not use his real name. “If I’m in a genuinely stressful work meeting, I might get close to 100 or 0.”

Owen had been indulging every 15 minutes or so, taking turns with his friends, as can be customary with his group. Concerned about his elevated heart rate, he passed his Fitbit to someone who had just entered the room to see what would likely happen after his first line of cocaine. Sure enough, his friend’s heart rate went by around 80 beforehand to 150 about 20 minutes later.

“I think we all knew of which would likely have an impact on our heart rate, yet we’d never seen of which happen before,” Owen said. “of which became interesting to keep an eye on.”

Cocaine can cause a user’s heart rate to jump by unleashing dopamine into the body along with producing a rush of adrenaline. An extreme increase in heart rate can be far by the only risk posed by cocaine, which causes more than 5,000 people deaths a year by overdoses, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Overdose deaths can be tied to heart attacks, strokes along with angina, along with different complications, none of which can be prevented with an activity tracker. Cocaine can be also highly addictive, along with medical experts generally agree of which even occasional use can be harmful to a person’s health.

Owen says he does what he can to keep himself safe. As a 20-something techie in San Francisco, he’s submerged in a work-hard play-hard environment, where recreational drug use can be an accepted norm by people who are simultaneously obsessed with data, devices along with their health. Since of which weekend in Tahoe, Owen said he brings his Fitbit along whenever along with wherever he parties, whether of which’s at a night club, a dance party or Burning Man, the annual drug-fueled shindig in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

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