Tesla Gigafactory employees lined up to buy swag at ‘Merch Madness’

Among the items within the employee-only shop were:

  • A “Tesla Corporate Jacket,” which Tesla sells on its website for $175, nevertheless cost employees just $48 during the event
  • Tesla caps which sell for around $30 at retail, nevertheless cost employees $6
  • Items not currently available online, including a Semi Truck tee for $9, leather Corsicana tote bag for $102 along with leather touchscreen gloves for $28.

Employees told CNBC they were stocking up on gear they wanted as well as gifts for family along with friends. The company store took credit cards only. They get an employee discount year-round nevertheless the Merch Madness deals went beyond which, they said, so waiting on line was worth the idea.

In February 2019, Tesla set up a store to sell its branded apparel along with accessories on Amazon.

Increased attention to branded merchandise at Tesla follows success in This kind of arena for another Elon Musk business — The Boring Company sold $10 million worth of its “not-a-flamethrowers” in several days last year, along with $1 million in baseball caps.

A spokesperson said which as of the week of March 4, Tesla employed more than 40,000 people. In its 2018 annual report, Tesla said the idea had 48,817 employees. Tesla has not disclosed exactly how many people the idea has laid off This kind of year.

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