Tesla to set up mini solar stores inside Home Depot

Tesla will be expanding its solar division across Home Depot’s stores, a source familiar with those plans told CNBC.

The expansion could help Tesla test the appeal of its renewable-energy products to a wider audience. the idea could help Home Depot use some of its excess floor space to sell completely new products in addition to also gain a competitive edge over its peers.

Bloomberg first reported on the news on Thursday.

Tesla will be adding its own selling spaces at 800 of Home Depot’s stores across the U.S., the person told CNBC, to sell residential solar panels in addition to also Powerwall (batteries) to begin with. Those areas are scheduled to be built from the first half of 2018, in addition to also Tesla employees will man them.

Meanwhile, Lowe’s has also held talks with Tesla about selling solar products, Bloomberg reported, based on conversations with familiar sources.

A representative coming from Lowe’s told CNBC: “We don’t have any plans to carry the products at that will time.”

that will move could represent a return to Home Depot for Tesla, in one sense. SolarCity, which Tesla acquired in 2016, used to sell its systems via Home Depot stores. Tesla discarded the SolarCity name post-acquisition in addition to also at that will point sells its solar products under the Tesla energy banner.

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