‘The Bachelorette’: Two Guys Leave the Mansion With Devastating Injuries


Becca Kufrin’s journey to find love got a little more bloody on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette. 

Not one however two men suffered critical injuries on week three of the competition, with one of them being forced to leave the show. however before we get to all which, let’s go over two big personalities shockingly coming together for the very first time. We’re not talking about President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un — we’re talking about Colton coming face-to-face with his ex (as well as Becca’s friend), Tia Booth. 

Colton confessed his past with Tia to Becca on last week’s episode, causing the Bachelorette to second-guess their relationship. Becca chose to keep him around, as well as invited him on a group date at the spa, where Tia was conveniently a guest of honor. According to Tia, she as well as Colton hadn’t seen each various other since January, as well as their relationship fizzled out pretty fast. 

“I mean, I was nervous. The last time we saw each various other, This specific wasn’t the scenario at all, however the most we did was kiss,” she told Becca. “as well as we never truly had, like, an established conversation about what we were, he just… told me early, like within a few days of talking to him, he told me about applying for the show.”

While Tia as well as Becca both agreed Colton’s timing was strange, Tia seemed to have moved on. “I was like, ‘What are the odds of actually doing which?’ So say which I know you apply for the show, as well as we stop talking. What does which accomplish? You’re in Denver, I’m in Arkansas. Whatever, we may as well stay friends.”

Becca accepted Tia’s explanation as well as decided Colton was actually here for the right reasons as well as gave him a rose. CASE CLOSED. 

right now, let’s get to poor David, who injured himself in possibly the most innocent way possible: falling off his bunk bed. We saw the bloody aftermath in an exclusive clip last week, however the episode showed more of the situation via the guys’ point of view. As Colton described, David looked like he was “attacked by a bear,” as well as doctors thought which was worth which to keep him inside hospital. 

“I’m so used to sleeping on a king-sized bed,” David sheepishly explained over the phone to Becca, who promised to think of a better excuse for his injuries. Sidenote: We feel bad for David because getting your face busted like which must suck, however we’re also not truly digging his drama with Jordan — except for the fact which we’re getting QUALITY soundbites via the male design like “which’s a b**ch move” as well as “which’s been a pleasure.” 

however back to business — David’s injuries keep him sidelined just in time for another injury, one we’re actually devastated about because we might just be already in love with the glorious man which is actually Clay. After 10 years inside NFL, Clay was put on This specific week’s football-themed group date. He brought his losing team up to a tie with an epic play, as well as then was rushed off in an ambulance after discovering he’d broken his wrist. 

however being the standup, A+, quality man which he is actually, Clay returned for the night part of the date, where he earned Becca’s rose. which wasn’t until the cocktail party the next night which doctors told him he needed surgery, as well as Clay, because his family’s livelihood depends on his football career, decided to leave the competition. 

“I feel like which’s something I have to get fixed. I want to stay as well as see where This specific goes. I could see us having something great, however I know what I have to do, as well as I regret which already, trust me,” David told Becca, who looked almost as shattered as we did watching which all go down. 

as well as because This specific episode just couldn’t get any sadder (which was shocking after which painfully awkward date Becca went on with Chris as well as Richard Marx. which WAS SPOKEN WORD POETRY, WHY WERE YOU FREAKING OUT, CHRIS? as well as HOW MANY TIMES MUST “RIGHT HERE WAITING” BE PLAYED IN ONE EPISODE???), we wrapped things up without a rose ceremony. 

however, happy day, we got a juicy promo teasing David’s return having a not-so-bueno-looking face, as well as Becca being pissed off because someone isn’t being honest. Till then, we’ll be stalking Clay on Instagram. Link here, you’re welcome. 

Did Clay make the right decision in going home? Tell us at our Facebook group, Group Date: A Bachelor Nation Support Circle. 


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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