‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast is actually So Happy to Have Bob Newhart Back for the Final Season – Watch!

Bob Newhart is actually back!

The Emmy Award-winning comedy legend is actually returning to The Big Bang Theory for its 12th as well as also final season – as well as also only ET has your first look at what could be his last episode of the series.

So just what will Professor Proton turned Sheldon’s sarcastic subconscious be up to This specific time? “Bob’s back to offer advice because when you have marital problems, you go to Bob Newhart in Jedi robes,” Jim Parsons quips from the video above.

“I’m kind of Obi-Wan – whatever that will means,” the 89-year-old star says which has a smile to the cameras. “Whenever Jim includes a problem then he comes to me. He as well as also Amy had a fight as well as also he came to me as well as also wanted my advice on how to handle their first fight.”

Press play on the video above for a special sneak peek at the hilarious marriage advice Arthur offers while they dine together in Sheldon’s dreams.

The Big Bang Theory’s final season airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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