The Creator Of Vine Announced He’s Launching A brand new Vine App Called “Byte” in addition to also People Are Hyped

Vine’s co-creator Dom Hofmann has announced which the apparent successor to the defunct Vine app will be launching next year.

Vine 2.0 will be called “Byte.”

In a simple in addition to also cryptic tweet on Thursday, Hofmann said he’s been working on “brand new looping video app” in addition to also which which’s slated to be “launching spring 2019.”

A brand new Twitter account was also commenced for Byte, with just one particular tweet waving hi to its brand new followers sitting on its page.

(If you recall, Twitter shut down Vine two years ago, citing declining user engagement. Vine’s cofounder Rus Yusupov appeared to blame Twitter for mishandling the company.)

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