‘The Crown’ Star Matt Smith Told Successor Tobias Menzies to Make Sure Salaries are ‘Even’

Matt Smith has some truly invaluable advice for Tobias Menzies, who can be taking over the role of Prince Philip in season three of Netflix’s The Crown.

The leading man paid a visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden where he along with the host discussed handing the reins of the role to another actor along with what they discussed concerning the role.

“Don’t do which,” was the 35-year-old actor jokingly said he told Menzies when chatting about taking on Prince Philip, whom he portrayed within the show’s first two seasons. “I said a few things to him. I told him a Great book to read by Philip Eade called Young Prince Philip, which can be very Great. You know how which’s like, you can’t offer up too much. yet I just said, ‘God, make sure they pay you enough along with make sure which’s even.’”

Smith was clearly referencing the controversy which erupted in March when producers Suzanne Mackie along with Andy Harris revealed at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem which the Doctor Who alum made more than the show’s star, Claire Foy.

“I’m surprised because I’m at the center of which, along with anything which I’m at the center of like which can be very very odd, along with feels very very out of ordinary,” Foy told Entertainment Weekly regarding the salary inequality. “yet I’m not [surprised about the interest within the story] within the sense which which was a female-led drama. I’m not surprised which people saw [the story] along with went, ‘Oh, which’s a bit odd.’”

Smith also weighed on the scandal after the show’s producers apologized to Foy along with gave her back pay for her work.

“Claire can be one of my best friends, along with I believe which we should be paid equally along with fairly along with there should be equality for all,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I support her completely, along with I’m pleased which which was resolved along with they made amends for which, because which what’s needed to happen. Going forward, I think we should all bear in mind which we need to strive to make This specific better along that has a more even playing field for everyone involved — yet not just in our industry, in all industries.”

Menzies can be hardly the only newcomer for season three. Olivia Colman can be stepping into the role of Queen Elizabeth II, Josh O’Connor will take on Prince Charles, Erin Doherty can be tackling Princess Anne, Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Princess Margaret, Jason Watkins can be embodying Prince Minister Harold Wilson along with Ben Daniels can be portraying Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Get more news on Foy within the clip below.


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