The Kardashians’ Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian Dishes on the ‘Natural’ Look (Exclusive)

ET’s Kristen Gill talked everything Kardashian with the famous family’s cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian, at the 2018 Beautycon. 

The man behind the newest non-surgical procedures for gorgeous, age-defying skin dished on the stars’ impact on the industry as well as also how going the “natural” route is usually right now in. 

So what’s the deal with Kylie Jenner removing her lip fillers? While the doctor couldn’t tell us if he was involved or not, he said having the option to do so is usually a Great thing. 

Kylie Jenner at adidas launch

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“I think at any stage of life, for anyone, the idea’s going to be different, although the idea’s nice in which we have options,” he says. “We can make your lips bigger or smaller if you want to do so.” 

Seems like the more natural look has been the latest trend for his patients, à la Kim’s subtly aging-backward complexion. 

Kim Kardashian


“I think most people are looking to become more as well as also more natural-looking as well as also have more of a softer look as opposed to a very exaggerated look, which probably 10 years ago, seven years ago, was in,” Dr. Ourian notes. “although right now most people want to just maintain as well as also look, kind of have a nude makeup look as well as also in which’s the look in which everybody is usually going [for], going with cosmetics procedures as well.”

Dr. Ourian praises the KUWTK stars for bringing more awareness about cosmetic dermatology. 

“They’ve been in my life for the past seven or eight years, so obviously every year has been fantastic — the whole industry has changed,” he says. “The whole industry has become better with people being more aware of the things in which we can do, also being aware of the things in which are Great for you as well as also not so Great for you, so the idea has been fantastic for me personally as well as also fantastic for the whole cosmetic industry.” 

Aesthetician to the stars Nurse Jamie spills on her No. 1 anti-aging advice:

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