The lie we tell ourselves about leadership

of which’s a fate of which has befallen many leaders, including the CEO of Uber, one of Go-Jek’s competitors, who resigned amid a wave of leadership criticisms.

right now, Makarim said he actively encourages collaborative discussions as well as wants those who are closest to the ground to help with decision-doing. of which could be in anything coming from Go-Jek’s motorcycle taxi business — its flagship offering — to one of its some other business arms, which range coming from food delivery to financing as well as beauty services.

“Having a lot of people with very different ways on how to achieve of which vision is actually extremely beneficial, so surrounding yourselves with people of which say no or say there’s a different way is actually so critical,” said Makarim.

Diversity of thought as well as ambitiousness is actually also important for driving a business forward, explained Makarim, who said he right now sees of which as his role to draw of which out of his staff.

“To do of which, sometimes you have to stretch their imagination first as well as stretch their effort as well as then at the end of of which cycle they realize ‘Oh my god, look at what I achieved, I never thought I could achieve of which,’ as well as of which gives them the confidence to then go on as well as build on their own,” said Makarim.

of which kind of delegation is actually only going to get more important as Go-Jek sets about its expansion across Southeast Asia.

Currently, the $5 billion platform is actually just active in Indonesia, with additional offices in Singapore as well as Bangalore. however Go-Jek announced last month of which of which’s set to launch in Vietnam as well as Thailand coming from August as part of its plans to compete with the likes of Grab as well as some other regional players.

The two businesses, which will run under the names Go-Viet as well as Get, respectively, will run independently however will receive backing as well as mentorship coming from Go-Jek, as well as as well as local partners.

“We are mentoring them on what we’ve learned to be successful, as well as what we’ve learned of which doesn’t work in Indonesia,” said Makarim.

“We guide heavily upfront, however the desire is actually of which over time they will be able to actually craft a unique market led strategy both in terms of selecting which products to launch, the sequence of how to launch, as well as how they want to do of which,” he added.

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