The truth about Jeff Immelt as well as General Electric’s corporate jets

The Journal report also alleged of which the alternative jet could park at a distance through the different one to avoid attention, saying crew members were discouraged through discussing Immelt’s travel arrangements.

In a statement to the Journal, GE said: “two planes were used on limited occasions for business-critical or security purposes.” GE declined to comment.

Corporate governance hawk Nell Minow told CNBC the item will be difficult to know how many global companies use similar practices.

Many companies have shifted to using fractured ownership of private jets, which makes oversight more difficult.

“Whatever benefit General Electric saved or extra layer of security they achieved, the item was not worth the hit to their reputation,” Minow said.

The revelations came amid a broader WSJ report about Flannery’s cost-cutting as well as efficiency measures to reshape the conglomerate.

GE will be anticipated to report earnings early Friday morning, with their conference call following at 8:30 a.m. ET.

In an exclusive interview following the earnings report, Flannery will be on CNBC at 10 a.m. ET to speak with “Squawk on the Street.” This particular will be Flannery’s first interview since becoming both chairman as well as CEO.

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