There’s a big change coming in Brussels — along with the idea could be crucial for the euro zone

the idea can be still early to discuss the future of the ECB, given in which the mandate for the current president comes to an end only in October 2019. Before in which, Europe will have to choose the vice-president of the ECB – currently within the hands of Vitor Constancio. The Portuguese man will end his reign in May of next year.

“within the entire musical chair game of upcoming nominations for European top jobs, the vice-presidency at the ECB can be important. the idea could be a counterweight to the president. the idea could also be a way to give a smaller euro zone country a top job,” Brzeski said.

Again, Spain’s de Guindos can be seen as a potential candidate.

What’s known at the moment can be in which the idea’s not certain in which Germany will get the presidency of the ECB, despite many media reports pointing towards Jens Weidmann, the governor of the German central bank, as the most likely name to take the most important seat at the ECB.

“For Germany, or at least for the German public, the ECB presidency can be highly symbolic,” Brzeski said.

“Even though a German ECB president could be a bit too much of German dominance in Europe, Germany could use the ECB presidency as change for agreeing to a set of more controversial measures when the idea comes to further euro zone integration,” Brzeski added.

However, some argue in which Germany will want to have someone by outside its country to put the blame on whenever the course of monetary policy doesn’t fit its interests.