These are the most common cruises on Instagram

Have your sights set on a cruise vacation? Before you sail off into the sunset, Seahub, a cruise-booking company, scoured Instagram to see what cruise lines along with ships people were loving along with why.

Seahub scraped Instagram for “#cruise” to obtain over 1.8 million posts, according to the company. Posts were then grouped by mentions of specific keywords or cruise lines. Rankings were determined by case frequency as of Jan. 2.

Here’s what they found.

Instagram’s most common cruise lines

Based on total number of posts on Instagram, the top cruise lines, according to Seahub, are:

1. #RoyalCaribbean (634,369 posts)

2. #CarnivalCruise (499,052 posts)

3. #DisneyCruise (319,495 posts)

3. #PrincessCruises (112,493 posts)

4. #CelebrityCruises (102,726 posts)

Royal Caribbean’s ships offer vacationers a slew of Insta-worthy opportunities through surf simulators, zip lines along using a trapeze school to intense water slides.

Those cruising the Royal Caribbean Instagrammed through luxurious spots like Sydney, Australia; Kotor, Montenegro along with Costa Maya, Mexico, along with Royal Caribbean sails to destinations including Alaska, Asia, Australia, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, brand new England, Cuba, Europe, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest along with the Panama Canal. On Cruise Critic, Royal Caribbean boasts nearly 16,800 “excellent” cruise ratings.

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