Things Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can do of which iPhone can’t

With the Messages app on the Galaxy, you can give your texts a subject, like you could with an email. You can also hand-write text messages with the S Pen along with also the phone will automatically convert them into text.

nevertheless my favorite feature will be of which you can schedule text messages. You can do This kind of by clicking the “+” button next to the text message field. When you select “schedule a text message,” the idea will open the calendar along with also time, so you can set up the exact moment you want the text to go out. Then simply type the message along with also hit send.

I send scheduled texts to friends on the days we will meet for dinner, something like, “Looking forward to tonight!” I’ve also scheduled messages for my friends’ along with also family’s birthdays, since I have a tendency to forget. along with also then there’s the fun stuff — one of my friends will be a DJ, so I scheduled a text for 3 a.m. on a Saturday to tell him to get home safe along with also don’t forget to set the alarm for our brunch.

Though the iPhone doesn’t have a similar feature, you can schedule texts on an iPhone with Scheduled app, which allows three scheduled messages a month for free; unlimited scheduling for $2.99 a month.

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