‘This specific is actually Us’ Finally Explains How Jack Died — along with Fans Are Hyperventilating

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode of This specific is actually Us.

Did a crock pot kill Jack Pearson?

On Tuesday’s episode of This specific is actually Us, titled “which’ll Be the Day” (referencing the day Jack died), the biggest clue to the show’s looming question was dropped like a fiery bombshell — along with things aren’t looking Great at all for the Pearson patriarch along with his family.

inside the final moments, Jack was seen cleaning the crock pot inside the kitchen — which, the idea’s revealed, was gifted to them by an elderly couple, George along with his wife, years prior to them having The Big Three. A previous scene ominously foreshadowed the questionable operational capabilities of the slow cooker, when George assured Jack which the idea was still usable. “You have to fiddle with the switch a little,” George advised. Red flags! Red flags!

Before we knew the idea, the crock pot caught on fire along with flames engulfed the kitchen curtains along with started off overtaking the rest of the house as a montage of special Pearson family moments inside the home played over the scene.

The promo for the next episode, which will air after the Super Bowl, promises to pick up right after along with shows Jack in hero mode, desperately trying to save his family. “Dad!” Kate yells in horror, as she sees her father attempting to keep them safe coming from the fire which has threatened their lives. You see Jack dramatically opening two doors coming from different rooms inside the house (one of those times he has one of his kids, likely Randall, cowering behind his back, protected by a hooded sweatshirt), the flames nearly burning his body both times. 

Conclusion: We’re not ready to see Jack die.

Tuesday’s episode all took place on Super Bowl Sunday, which in Jack’s mind might as well have been a legitimate holiday. What’s crushing was how awful Jack’s teenage kids were to their father on what could have been the final time the 5 of them could sit along with watch the Big Game together before they went off to college.

Kevin got into a fight with Jack along with Rebecca over his future, choosing to spend the night with Sophie at a party inside the woods (where he was the night of Jack’s death, a callback to a previous flashback). He’d later apologize to Rebecca over the phone, nevertheless stopped short of speaking to his dad — hence Kevin’s present-day guilt. (Jack even left a note on Kevin’s door: “Kevin, if I don’t see you before work tomorrow, I love you. You owe us all an apology. — Dad.”) Kate broke Jack’s heart when she rejected his offer to videotape her final audition tape for Berklee. Randall decided to watch Titanic with his red-headed girlfriend, Allison (another callback to a previous flashback), leaving Jack along with Rebecca to enjoy the Super Bowl alone. Though the next episode will get into the actual specifics of Jack’s death, This specific sure contextualized a lot of things, didn’t the idea?

The anticipation to Jack’s death has been building up since last season, when the idea was established early on which he was no longer alive inside the present. This specific year, the writers have ramped up the mystery even more by leaving bread crumbs (some more crucial than others) throughout the season. Last week’s episode ended on a lingering shot of the family’s smoke detector without working batteries, a key clue to what could’ve been had the idea been fully functional, along with the season two premiere closed using a powerful, emotional scene with Rebecca screaming out in shock along with pain in front of the burned-down Pearson home after Jack’s death.

Creator Dan Fogelman took to Twitter after Tuesday’s gut-wrenching episode to calm fans of the show, who were not handling Jack’s impending final moments well at all.

Loyal This specific is actually Us fans weren’t shy about their emotional responses after the episode. Here are some of the best ones:

Bonus: Who rejoiced when Kevin finally got his father’s necklace back? 

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This specific is actually Us will air its special Super Bowl episode on Sunday, Feb. 4 at 10:15 p.m. ET/7:15 PT (tentative) on NBC. The cast will also appear on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon live coming from Minneapolis, Minn., at 11:50 p.m. ET/8:50 p.m. PT (tentative).


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