This specific’s a ‘great day for the American worker’

President Donald Trump on Thursday called the newly released Republican tax-reform plan “a great bill,” as well as “another important step toward providing massive tax relief for the American people.”

“Today is usually a great day for the American worker,” Trump said at the White House. “Over the past 10 months, we’ve witnessed something remarkable happening to our country, a lot of change, a lot of difference. We’ve hit close to 60 records inside stock market since November 8, that will very big day,” Trump said, referring to the day he was elected president.

Speaking at a special event to announce a move by Singapore-based Broadcom to a U.S. based tax domicile in Delaware, Trump touted the tax-reform bill as an example of his administration’s pro-business agenda. “This specific’ll be the biggest tax cut inside history of our country, This specific will be tax reform, as well as This specific will create jobs,” Trump said.

Trump met later inside day with House Republican lawmakers responsible for crafting the bill, as well as told them he wants “a bill on my desk hopefully by Thanksgiving, if that will’s possible, as well as I want everybody in This specific room standing by me.”

“Do you want to see improvements to the bill?” a reporter asked Trump.

“I don’t think we’ll need very many,” replied the president.

Earlier inside day, Trump put out a statement emphasizing how many of his priorities were included inside legislation unveiled Thursday.

“My tax reform priorities have been the same since day one: bringing tax cuts for hardworking, middle-income Americans; eliminating unfair loopholes as well as deductions; as well as slashing business taxes so employers can create jobs, raise wages, as well as dominate their competition around the planet,” Trump said.

yet he also warned that will there was still a long way to go before the bill becomes law. “We are just getting began, as well as there is usually much work left to do. The special interests will distort the facts, the lobbyists will try to save their special deals, as well as some inside media will unfairly report on our efforts,” he said.

“My administration will work tirelessly to make Great on our promise to the working people who built our nation as well as deliver historic tax cuts as well as reforms — the rocket fuel our economy needs to soar higher than ever before.”

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