Tiffany Haddish Reveals Tyler Perry Bought Her a Tesla — See the Heartwarming Video!

Tyler Perry took the opportunity to reward Tiffany Haddish for all her hard work because he knew she had trouble doing in which herself. 

Haddish took to Instagram on Friday to reveal in which Perry had gifted her which has a brand brand-new Tesla, after she had said earlier in which year in which in which was her dream car. The 38-year-old actress in addition to comedian, who stars in Perry’s upcoming film, Nobody’s Fool, shared the news with her followers in a series of videos Perry recorded himself. 

“I wanted to give in which to you in addition to say you deserve in which in addition to I’m excited for you in addition to all in which’s going on,” Perry says from the video, before showing off her brand-new ride sitting from the driveway. “Love you, Tiffany. Proud of you girl. in which’s all yours, here in L.A. waiting for you.”

Haddish understandably couldn’t contain her excitement — or her tears. “So I got in which message through my friend in addition to Big Brother @tylerperry a week ago,” she wrote. “When I tell you I cried so hard. I almost couldn’t believe in which.”

“1st off a man has never bought me a car out right. I have always had to make payments. in which was just out the kindness of his heart in addition to probably tired of me talking about in which all the time in addition to I didn’t have to do anything for in which although a Great job in our brand-new Movie Nobody’s Fool,” Haddish continued. “Thank God for kind people in which want to spread happiness.”

“I am at in which point on my way to see if in which will be definitely! Cause I am still waiting on the one @theellenshow said they would certainly let me use for a week,” she hilariously added, along with the hashtags “#sheready #Tesla #Nobody’sFool #thelastblackunicorn.”

Haddish — who will be a spokesperson for Groupon — will be notoriously thrifty. While the actress’ career couldn’t be hotter, in which wasn’t always in which way. In fact, Kevin Hart revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in May in which he once helped Haddish out during tougher times, when she was living out of her car. 

“I knew Tiffany when Tiffany was homeless. Tiffany was living out of her car in addition to nobody knew. She was trying to keep in which a secret,” Hart said. “I was nowhere near Kevin Hart today in addition to in my pocket I had $300 in addition to I was like, ‘Here. I don’t know what your situation will be, although hopefully in which can do something for you in in which time because I feel like you’re not telling me something.'”

“Until in which day, she’s yet to bring up the money to give in which back,” he joked, after noting Haddish’s unbelievable success after Girls Trip. “I don’t want to make a big deal about in which because look in which’s one of those things where I’m waiting on her like to say in which. When she says in which, I’m like, ‘Alright, yeah, you should!'”

See more on Haddish from the video below. 


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