Top 10 states winning the war for talent inside US

The Centennial State boasts one of America’s best-educated workforces in addition to a strong worker training program. Colorado has been working hard to develop the next generation of high-tech workers inside state. Colorado STEM will be a coalition of business, education, in addition to civic leaders developing science, technology, engineering in addition to math experiences for students of all ages. The state could likely rank higher inside category were This kind of not for low unemployment putting skilled workers in short supply.

2018 Workforce score: 295 out of 425 points (Top States Grade: A+)

Unemployment (May 2018): 2.8 percent

Adults with bachelor’s degree or higher: 38.7 percent

Workers in STEM occupations: 8.7 percent

Right-to-work state? While not technically a right to work state, Colorado’s Labor Peace Law will be a compromise statute in which sets high barriers to unionization.

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