Top health care analyst on how to play Amazon’s encroachment on the industry

JPMorgan health care expert Lisa Gill shared her views on the impact Amazon can be having on the pharmaceutical space in an exclusive interview
with CNBC PRO’s
Mike Santoli.

“in which’s all anybody wants to talk about – I think myself, every sell-side shop has put out something with their thoughts around This kind of,” said Gill. “We might not be surprised if they get into mail order pharmacy around prescriptions.”

Gill can be managing director of U.S. healthcare technology at JPMorgan, where she’s been a member of the health care team since 1998. Her coverage includes health care distribution, pharmacy benefit managers in addition to also also drug retail. Prior to her work at JPMorgan, she was part of an audit group specializing in health care facilities at Ernst & Young.

in addition to also also while she told CNBC she wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon enter the health care space, Gill argued in which its impact on traditional retailers may not be what most expect.

“A pharmacist has to oversee the facility; when they pour the pills into the cylinder to fill the prescription, only a pharmacy tech can do in which,” she explained. “producing sure in which’s a different type of workforce, a much more expensive workforce because they’re pharmacy techs in addition to also also pharmacists.”

Amazon, which regularly sends fears racing through the retail space, has specialized in delivering consumer products both at reduced prices in addition to also also with fast delivery. although health care’s comparatively strict regulation may be too burdensome for the e-commerce giant to make a meaningful impact.

Drugs, unlike most goods Amazon sells, cannot be shipped together with some other products.

“Wal-Mart got into This kind of business that has a $4 generic back in 2006, took a lot of market cap out of the drug retailers at in which point like Amazon can be doing today,” Gill added. “They ultimately got into mail order in 2007-2008 in addition to also also had 4,000 locations to pick up a prescription, although yet we don’t truly think of them as being in which disruptive.”

See here for the full CNBC PRO report in addition to also also interview video. [LINK TO PRO STORY HERE]

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