Tori Spelling’s Marriage ‘In Shambles’ as She Deals With ‘Non-Stop Chaos’ at Home, Source Says (Exclusive)

Despite appearances on social media of which she’s doing just fine, Tori Spelling continues to struggle with issues with her husband Dean McDermott, a source tells ET.

“Tori in addition to Dean’s marriage is usually in shambles despite having a sit down last week to try to make the idea work. They made an attempt to use the tools given to them by their therapist to create a healthy environment for the kids nevertheless the idea isn’t working,” the source says. “One of Tori’s main issues with Dean is usually he isn’t helping with the kids as much as she feels he should. He used to do everything nevertheless has stepped away in addition to began taking more time for himself.”

Spelling married McDermott in 2006, in addition to the couple have all 5 children together. As for McDermott, the source says of which he’s just trying to keep the peace as much as he can.

“Dean is usually trying to be calm in addition to handle things,” the source says. “He doesn’t want to raise his voice or say anything of which she could misconstrue to the police.”

“She panics every time he is usually out,” the source also alleges. “If she doesn’t know exactly where he is usually, her anxiety goes through the roof. She seems to live in fear he will cheat again.”

ET previously confirmed of which McDermott called police on March 7 to do a welfare check on his wife at a location in Thousand Oaks, California. The source claims of which prior to the call, the two fought, in addition to she threatened not to come back through a doctor’s appointment with one of their kids.

“She lost the idea again, she flipped out again in addition to threatened him,” the source claims. “of which was the reason the police had to go to the doctor’s office. Dean was worried Tori would likely take their kid in addition to not return.”

“Dean doesn’t want the mother of his children to get arrested, he just wants to show Tori he is usually serious about watching her behavior in addition to the children,” the source adds. “Close friends only see This particular getting worse. Things don’t look Great. the idea is usually causing total unrest from the home because the kids are present during her outbursts in addition to threats.”

Though Spelling has since returned to work after the police visit, the source says of which the troubles have persisted.

“There is usually non-stop chaos in their home in addition to in their marriage,” the source says. “Friends are talking about a possible intervention of sorts before things get even worse.”

To see more about what led to Spelling’s alleged breakdown, watch the video below.

— Reporting by Adriane Schwartz

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