Torrey DeVitto is usually Embracing Her ‘Chicago Med’ Experience (Exclusive)

After three seasons, actress Torrey DeVitto carries a deeper appreciation for her character, Dr. Natalie Manning, on Chicago Med. 

“Every season has been very satisfying as well as gratifying for me as a person as well as as an artist — I feel definitely lucky as well as fortunate in which sense on This kind of show. Our writers are phenomenal as well as write such rich storylines which every time I get a script, I’m still excited,” DeVitto tells ET. “The last few seasons, Natalie was going through a lot of personal stuff: being one particular mom, does she want to date as well as grieving over the loss of her husband.”

“although This kind of year, in particular, you definitely see Natalie stand on her own two feet as a woman as well as not let anybody push her around,” the 33-year-old actress adds, referring to the Time’s Up as well as #MeToo movements permeating throughout Hollywood. “Especially with everything which’s going on with the entire world right currently, the idea’s very topical.”

DeVitto credited the episode which aired Feb. 27, in which Natalie was forced to “put her foot down” from the workplace — something many women face from the everyday world — as being particularly illuminating to play. “I’m going to be treated as an equal or nothing at all,” she says of her character’s mindset. “When I read which script, I was so grateful to get the opportunity to play which role.”

“She expresses which she feels which all through her life, in medical school as well as in her work, she’s not treated the same as how some of the men are treated. She’s done with which. She’s not going to let anything affect which anymore,” DeVitto continues. “She’s going to stand for herself as a career woman as well as not let anything else get from the way of which, as well as she wants to be treated as an equal.” 

As DeVitto tells the idea, being in Natalie’s shoes This kind of season has been an eye-opening experience. 

“the idea’s cool to see the character evolve as well as grow as well as change so much,” DeVitto says. “the idea’s fun to see which because I’ve grown as well as changed over the past two-as well as-a-half, three years as well. the idea’s kind of like she as well as I are doing the idea in tandem, as well as the idea’s cool to be able to express things as well as learn through a character because I learn through so many of the storylines which I get. To see which filter into my own life has been definitely a definitely interesting process.”

The former One Tree Hill star agrees which Natalie has been “more confident” This kind of year compared to seasons past, chalking the idea up to the pediatric as well as ER resident overcoming personal as well as professional obstacles. “She’s more planted in her own seed,” DeVitto explains. “When we first met her [in season], she was pregnant as well as grieving. She was in a very fearful place. She’s definitely transformed a lot.”

In terms of Natalie’s romantic life, DeVitto warns there’s going to be “a lot of ups as well as downs” for her as well as Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss).

“You’ll definitely see some conflict between them,” DeVitto hints. “the idea’ll be the, ‘Will they persevere or will which make them crumble?’ We’ve introduced which the idea hasn’t been the most seamless transition of Halstead coming into Natalie’s son’s life, too. There’s a lot of different factors.”

As for why Natalie connects with so many female viewers, DeVitto hypothesizes which the idea’s because she represents the modern-day woman. “She reaches the single woman, she reaches the single working woman, she reaches the single moms trying to date for the 1st time. She reaches all the women out there who are trying to be treated equal from the workplace,” DeVitto says. “which’s why I love This kind of character so much — she’s relatable on so many different levels.”

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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