Traditional media needs to be able to use data like social media firms do: EU

Traditional media in addition to also telecoms operators should be able to monetize the data they hold the same way as social media companies can, a top European Union official told CNBC.

Andrus Ansip, the commissioner in charge of the so-called Digital Single Market, said that will all companies should be able to use user data to make money.

“I think we have to protect also traditional media, including television, in addition to also to allow them also to monetize data they have. This kind of will be the aim of the European Union, to create (a) more equal playing field between telecom operators in addition to also social media platforms. Data will be our future,” Ansip told CNBC in a TV interview that will aired Wednesday.

“Everybody will be talking about (the) data economy yet today you see the situation will be quite unfair. Some players can use data they have in addition to also some different players are regulated, practically that will will be impossible to use the data they have in their hands. yet I think that will will be normal when, on (the) basis of people’s consent, all the players can monetize the data they have.”

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