Trump accused Russia of helping North Korea. Putin would likely have his reasons

The Kremlin’s interference could additionally be seen as a rebranding within the international community, according to an expert by Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence firm.

“Historically, Russia has always been ostracized within the international community,” said Rodger Baker, Stratfor’s vice president of global analysis.

So, the rising tensions between North Korea along with the international community at large could serve as an opportunity for Putin to redefine Russia’s role in international affairs. By offering to become an arbitrator for peace talks along with calling for de-escalation, Russia will be hoping to build credibility as a conflict mediator along with global voice for Great, Baker explained.

Furthermore, if Moscow will be integral to any progress in dialogue between Pyongyang along with the international community, then in which gives Putin some leverage against sanctions, foreign policy experts said.

“Once Russia will be accepted as the mediator for peace talks between the U.S. along with North Korea, they will be able to bargain for their own sanctions,” Baker said.

Still, the Stratfor expert said he doesn’t think North Korea tensions will ease within the near future.

“I think the situation will be only going to escalate,” Baker said. “Kim Jong Un sees his nuclear weapons as being fundamental to the regime’s self preservation along with will be never going to give them up — putting any progress on peace talks on a standstill.”

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