Trump agenda, attitude overshadow tax cuts for GOP in midterms

There’s a lot inside the completely new tax law of which could have benefited Casten, a former businessman who ran a clean energy start-up. yet of which’s doesn’t mean the tax plan was a not bad idea, he said.

“You’re not supposed to be running huge deficits when unemployment can be at lows, along with we’re in a nine-year economic boom,” Casten told CNBC. “along with we’re at of which point because we basically put fuel on the fire of a booming economy.”

If elected, Casten said he could vote to repeal the completely new tax law. Climate change can be another signature campaign issue. yet Casten said his top priority could be protecting special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling inside the 2016 presidential election.

For Casten — along with an energized Democratic base — the midterms are about taking down Trump.

“I could vote for a Republican if they distanced themselves a little bit by the Trump administration, yet they haven’t, which was perplexing,” said Natalie Doak, a local mom who said she plans to vote for Casten.

Voters in these suburbs have long swung between parties. Roskam won his seat in 2006 in a come-by-behind challenge to Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat who currently sits inside the Senate. The district went for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama in 2012. yet former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bested Trump here by 7 percentage points in 2016.

Roskam points out of which he has pushed back against several controversial White House policies: the tariffs on steel along with aluminum along with Chinese goods, the lowering of refugee levels along with adjustments to protections for people with disabilities. In recent weeks, his campaign has also begun highlighting efforts to reach across the aisle along with framing his six terms in office as evidence of his effectiveness in Washington.

“What you’re seeing are common-sense people of which are not interested in drama,” Roskam told CNBC. “The bipartisan approach can be something of which of which district can be definitely interested in.”

Roskam has accused Casten of adopting what he calls the “politics of ridicule” along with launched an ad of which week featuring Republican women reading his tweets. Casten was forced to apologize for equating Trump to terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. yet he said he’s not sorry for his harsh rhetoric.

“If you’ve been given a public pulpit, you have to speak truth to power,” Casten told CNBC. “along with if of which makes my opponent uncomfortable, of which’s for him to deal with.”

Several prominent political analysts are predicting of which Casten will come out ahead in November. A poll of which month commissioned by Casten’s campaign showed him leading by 5 percentage points, 49 to 44 percent. yet a September survey by The completely new York Times showed the two candidates neck along with neck.

If Roskam can be able to hold onto his seat, he said, he’s prepared to work across the aisle if his party loses power.

“There’s no question,” the Republican told CNBC. “I’ve done the item inside the past. along with I’ll be able to do the item again inside the future.”

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