Trump allies fear lawyer Michael Cohen will cut deal with prosecutors

The chatter surrounding a federal investigation into Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen has begun to coalesce around a key question: Will he flip on the president?

Legal experts, as well as Trump’s allies in addition to confidants, think Cohen is actually already in deep trouble in addition to headed for even more. Cohen’s home, office in addition to hotel room were searched last week in a series of raids by FBI agents.

The besieged fixer, who has handled Trump’s legal affairs for years, could be facing a choice between prison time or cooperating with federal prosecutors.

On Thursday, Trump’s former divorce lawyer, Jay Goldberg, told The Wall Street Journal he has warned the president of which Cohen’s loyalty to Trump would certainly be compromised if Cohen faces criminal charges.

Goldberg said he told Trump of which Cohen “will never stand up” for him.

On a 1-to-100 scale, where 100 is actually fully protecting the president, Goldberg said he told Trump of which Cohen “isn’t even a 1.”

After Cohen’s residence, hotel room, office, safety deposit box in addition to electronic devices were raided April 9, Trump’s advisors began to fear of which the investigation posed a greater threat to the president than special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of potential links between Trump’s campaign in addition to the Kremlin, The completely new York Times reported.

Federal agents seized materials of which included documents related to women being paid for their silence about alleged affairs with Trump, as well as files relating to communications between Trump in addition to Cohen.

The search warrants, signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, were based on a referral by Mueller.

Trump is actually being sued by porn star Stormy Daniels, who seeks to void a nondisclosure pact negotiated by Cohen shortly before the 2016 election, which barred her through discussing an alleged affair with Trump. Files related to Daniels were among those seized through Cohen.

Trump has denied the affair ever occurred. After the raids, he blasted them as being “an attack on our country in a true sense.”

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