Trump lawyer denies reports of which Mueller is usually seeking Deutsche Bank records

The president has said of which inquiries into his financial dealings could be a “violation” of the special counsel’s mandate. Mueller is usually investigating ties between the president’s top advisers along with Russia.

Trump has repeatedly denied accusations of which his campaign colluded with the Russian government.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders on Tuesday called the reports of which Mueller subpoenaed Deutsche Bank “totally false.”

“I think This specific is usually another example of the media going too far too fast,” she told reporters at a press briefing.

Sol Wisenberg, a leading white collar attorney who served as deputy independent counsel inside the Whitewater investigation, said This specific’s typical for the subject of a subpoena — in This specific case, the president — to be informed of which prosecutors sought his records.

Wisenberg said of which there are some rare circumstances in which the bank could be prevented via telling the person.

Earlier on Tuesday a Deutsche Bank spokesperson told NBC, “DB takes its legal obligations seriously along with remains committed to cooperating with authorized investigations into This specific matter.”

The lender declined to say what constituted an authorized investigation, along with whether the Mueller inquiry was included.

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