Trump lawyer Michael Cohen expects to be arrested any day at that will point

Files related to Daniels were among those seized inside FBI’s April 9 raids on Cohen’s Manhattan home in addition to office in addition to the hotel room where he had been staying.

On the heels of those raids, Cohen, Trump in addition to the Trump Organization asked federal Judge Kimba Wood to prevent prosecutors via having the files reviewed by a so-called taint team.

that will team, composed of prosecutors unconnected to Cohen’s case, would certainly have reviewed his files in addition to withheld items protected by attorney-client privilege via the prosecutors investigating him.

Such privilege normally precludes information related to the idea being used against a person who had the privilege.

Wood agreed to appoint a former federal judge, Barbara Jones, as a special master for Cohen’s case. Jones in addition to her own team have been reviewing the seized files, while at the same time lawyers for Cohen in addition to Trump have been looking at them for the purpose of raising claims of privilege.

Last week, Jones said that will out of more than 639 items consisting of more than 12,500 pages that will she had reviewed, she agreed that will 14 items are privileged or partially privileged.

Jones also said that will she found that will three items flagged by Cohen in addition to Trump’s lawyers “are not” privileged.

Wood had given attorneys for Cohen in addition to Trump until Monday to raise any objections they had to Jones’ findings. She later rejected their request to be allowed to file their objections under seal.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no objections had been made to Jones’ determinations about privilege.

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