Trump nuclear posture document encourages use of nukes, say critics

Among the different investments planned is actually the so-called “low-yield” nuclear warhead which could be launched underwater. This particular warhead with less explosive force is actually in response to Russia, which developed underwater drones which are capable of carrying low-yield warheads.

“The only purpose of This particular adding another delivery type is actually to enable … a more surgical, low-yield strike,” said Gronlund, a physicist by training. “We’re sort of primed to engage in This particular kind of nuclear warfighting. This particular brings us closer to the edge. We still need some kind of spark though.”

Also, Gronlund said which the fresh nuclear warhead isn’t needed because the U.S. already has bombs in addition to also also air-launched cruise missiles using a low-yield capability. She also said the Trump policy is actually counter to the “very long glide path” of the U.S. reducing its emphasis on nuclear weapons use.

however the NPR argues which the “low-yield” warhead for the U.S. Trident missile would likely be “a comparatively low-cost in addition to also also near-term modification to an existing capability which will help counter any mistaken perception of an exploitable ‘gap’ in U.S. regional deterrence capabilities.”

The document also calls for the U.S. to develop “a modern nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missile.” This particular said the “low-yield” option on the Trident missile in addition to also also the sea-launched cruise missile would likely “provide additional diversity in platforms, range, in addition to also also survivability, in addition to also also a valuable hedge against future nuclear ‘break-out’ scenarios.”

“Unfortunately, This particular NPR does not argue for maintaining ‘strategic stability’ nor does This particular explain whether, how in addition to also also why the call for fresh U.S. nuclear capabilities will reduce the threat of nuclear conflict,” said Thomas Countryman, former acting undersecretary of State for arms control in addition to also also the chairman of the Arms Control Association, a nonpartisan disarmament group based in Washington.

however others maintain which the fresh nuclear weapons strategy makes sense in addition to also also argue which there’s a need to strengthen nuclear deterrence capabilities, including through smaller “low-yield” bombs.

“This particular realistically assesses international conditions in addition to also also addresses impacts of these developments for nuclear forces, including strengthening deterrence by reintroducing low-yield nuclear weapon options to the U.S. nuclear weapon arsenal,” said Dodge, the Heritage analyst.

Dodge also said the document “highlights negative security trends since the end of the Cold War, particularly the mistaken belief which Russia’s trajectory of development will be benign.”

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