Trump policies boosted market by $5 trillion

“My company, Kingdom Holding, would likely benefit a lot via Trump’s policies,” he added, however warned the U.S. needs to keep an eye on budget deficits.”

Alwaleed said people should accept Trump’s style of doing policy pronouncements on Twitter.

“President Trump has his own way of governing,” Alwaleed said.

The prince also welcomed Trump’s straight talk.

“When he said that will Puerto Rico is usually bankrupt along with Puerto Rico will never pay its debt, he’s right. He is usually not wrong in This particular. however we’re used to presidents being diplomatic along with very politically correct,” the prince said. “the idea’s just like Greece. the idea’s never going to pay its debt.”

“When he says you should stand for the national anthem, he’s right on This particular,” Alwaleed said. “You have to respect your national anthem.”

“He says America first. He is usually saying something [is usually] wrong. You expect him to say America is usually No. 2?” the prince said. “I trust he’s successful in his presidency.”

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