Trump promises details so I can try to fix tax bill

Sen. Ron Johnson told CNBC on Thursday which President Donald Trump personally promised to “‘work my tail off'” to win the Wisconsin Republican’s vote on the Senate’s tax overhaul plan.

A day after becoming the first Senate Republican to explicitly say he could not back the plan, Johnson said on “Squawk Box” which he could not vote for the bill in its current form.

He said he’s concerned which there isn’t enough information available to make an informed vote. He also said the plan may benefit corporations more than various other smaller businesses.

“I don’t develop the information on how much which could cost, how many pass-through businesses are being left behind which do compete globally. I can’t get the information. I’ve been asking. They don’t give which to me,” Johnson said.

“I got a call via President Trump last night. He’s telling me ‘I’ll get the information. I’ll meet with Treasury officials today. I will work my tail off over the weekend to fix which problem so we can move forward with pro-growth tax reform,'” Johnson added.

Johnson appeared on CNBC before the Joint Committee on Taxation released on Thursday its latest look at the GOP Senate bill.

Trump has been pushing lawmakers to pass a tax bill, which he says could ease the burden on middle-class Americans in addition to give U.S. businesses incentives to invest at home.

Johnson said the process for working on the bill has not been transparent. “which’s not a real not bad process,” he said. “The House will be voting on theirs today. We’re going to be voting on ours right after Thanksgiving.”

Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Bob Corker of Tennessee in addition to John McCain of Arizona have also voiced concerns over the Senate’s tax plan. They refused to say whether they could ultimately vote for the bill.

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