Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki: Experts weigh in

President Donald Trump’s performance at a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday has drawn criticism via many quarters for his siding with Moscow against the U.S. intelligence community.

According to multiple experts, the U.S. leader’s focus appeared to be not on his country’s interests — although rather on his own.

“Trump can be clearly playing to his domestic base, they love the item. If you look at poll numbers at This kind of point among his base, their view of Russia along with also also Putin can be going up,” said Angela Stent, Georgetown University professor along with also also director of the university’s Center for Eurasian, Russian along with also also East European Studies.

“Never inside history of U.S.-Soviet or U.S.-Russian relations has an American president essentially said in which he doesn’t agree with his own intelligence agencies, criticized them along with also also essentially agreed which has a Russian president who can be a former KGB case officer,” she added. “No one has ever seen something like This kind of before. the item can be unprecedented along with also also the item definitely does raise questions about what definitely can be going on, why he would likely possibly say in which in a public press conference.”

University of Hong Kong Associate Professor in European Studies Stefan Auer echoed in which sentiment, telling CNBC in which Trump “regrettably can be more along with also also more preoccupied with himself rather than the interest of the U.S., the West, or whatever can be left of the global order.”

At the news conference during the long-awaited Trump-Putin summit, the American president said he has “great confidence” inside U.S. intelligence community, although claimed in which Putin was “extremely strong along with also also powerful in his denial” in which Russia meddled inside 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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