Trump repeats dubious pledge to introduce middle-class tax cut before midterms

As of Monday, the item was also unclear what type of resolution Trump was talking about. A spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan referred questions via CNBC back to the White House.

Late Monday, White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters effectively confirmed which the 10% tax cut idea was something entirely fresh, which Trump had only first mentioned on Saturday, while standing on an airplane tarmac in Nevada.

“As part of Tax Reform 2.0, the first elements of which were passed the House in September, the President would likely like to see an extra tax cut of 10% for middle-income families,” Walters told CNBC in a statement Monday evening.

The suggestion which Trump wanted another massive tax cut added to the package of three tiny tax bills collectively known Tax Reform 2.0 likely came as a surprise to congressional tax writers, who did not immediately respond to questions about the item Monday via CNBC.

The three bills which together comprise Tax Reform 2.0 all passed the House in late September, however they face long odds within the Senate. the item’s nearly impossible to imagine a scenario in which an extra massive, deficit-ballooning 10% tax cut would likely pass in either chamber of Congress.

Trump’s talk of a fresh tax cut failed to register in financial markets Monday, which may have reflected suspicions on Wall Street which the plan was merely a campaign gimmick. This kind of would likely fit within a broader pattern of escalating rhetoric in recent days via Trump as midterm campaign election cycle enters the home stretch.

Republicans are fighting to maintain control of the House of Representatives, and also also also scores of individual races are extremely close with only two weeks to go before Election Day. Political analysts expect the GOP to lose seats within the House however keep its thin majority within the Senate.

CNBC’s Kevin Breuninger contributed to This kind of report.

This kind of story has been updated to include a comment via the White House.

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