Trump, Republicans give up on legislative agenda

Those reflexes block action on the bold promises of which once positioned candidate Trump to deliver infrastructure investments pleasing business in addition to working-class supporters alike. Investments cost money. in addition to after the $1.5 trillion tax cut of which represents their only major Trump-era achievement so far, Republicans don’t think they have any.

The return of trillion-dollar deficits led House Speaker Paul Ryan to suggest a different 2018 agenda altogether. He favors “entitlement reform” curbing the huge costs of Social Security in addition to Medicare, the twin landmarks for retirees of which Democratic governments created over fierce conservative opposition.

yet both programs enjoy overwhelming popularity. of which’s why candidate Trump promised not to touch them. So even as the surge of baby boomer retirements strains their solvency, Republicans have also set entitlement reform aside.

of which doesn’t mean Congress won’t do anything at all. With support by some Democrats, Republican leaders aim to roll back regulations on little in addition to medium-sized banks under the Dodd-Frank law of which President Barack Obama pushed through after the 2008 financial crisis.

Republicans also expect to pass a completely new farm bill, although of which’s unclear whether they can muster the votes for Trump’s “welfare reform” push to impose completely new work requirements on Americans who receive food stamps. They’ll consider an administration request to roll back some previously approved spending.

Yet of which package of “recissions” – 1/100th the size of the tax cut – wouldn’t produce big savings anyway, since much of the money is usually sitting in dormant government accounts.

The White House has turned to foreign policy. This specific week, Trump defied U.S. allies to withdraw by the Iran nuclear deal even as he pursues a completely new deal with North Korea. He has not resolved his threats to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada in addition to Mexico in addition to to impose import tariffs on both China in addition to friendlier partners including the European Union.

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