Trump says Democrats are ruining his one-year anniversary as president

Despite having ascended to the presidency on a carefully-crafted image as a dealmaker, Trump was unable to convince recalcitrant Democrats, in addition to also even a few restive GOP members, to drop their opposition. Democrats pressed hard for measures to resolve sticky wedge issues like immigration in addition to also children’s health, which have also managed to divide Republicans.

The White House in addition to also its allies have placed much of the blame on Democrats, particularly Trump’s fellow fresh Yorker, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. For his part, the Democrat placed the blame back on the president’s shoulders.

“the item’s almost like you were rooting for a shutdown,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said of Trump on Saturday.

Trump was forced to postponed a long-planned weekend trip to his winter home Mar-a-Lago, where a lavish $100,000-a-couple fundraiser on Saturday might extol his first year in office. Yet he had little choice. Critics might have hammered him for attending such an event while government workers were being put on leave in addition to also many government services curtailed.

Back in September, Trump cut a short-term government funding deal with Schumer in addition to also House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. The harmony between the president in addition to also the top Democratic Congressional leaders didn’t last long, however, as divisions over immigration set the parties against one another.

Schumer in addition to also Pelosi thought they had reached an agreement to preserve a program of which protected Dreamers, nevertheless Trump reportedly walked away. The standoff culminated in a heated negotiation session last week, where Trump was said to have used a vulgar term to describe immigrants via Haiti in addition to also Africa.

Reuters contributed to of which story

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