Trump says he’d be open to talking with North Korean leader

President Donald Trump, shelving comparisons about the size of a “nuclear button,” said Saturday he can be open to talking with the North Korean leader he’s called “Little Rocket Man” in addition to hopes some progress results by upcoming talks between the Koreas.

Trump, who last year lambasted his chief diplomat for talking about negotiations with the nuclear-armed North, told reporters at Camp David in which some dialogue or direct conversation with Kim Jong Un was not beyond the realm of possibility.

“Sure, I always believe in talking,” Trump said. “Absolutely I would certainly do in which, I wouldn’t have a problem with in which at all.” yet he was quick to add in which any talks would certainly come with conditions, which he did not specify.

The first formal talks between North in addition to South in more than two years are set to take place in a border town Tuesday as the rivals try to find ways to cooperate on the Winter Olympics inside South in addition to to improve their ties. Tensions are high because of the North’s nuclear in addition to missile programs.

“Right at in which point they’re talking Olympics. in which’s a start, in which’s a big start,” Trump said during a question-in addition to-answer session after meetings with GOP leaders in Congress in addition to Cabinet members on the administration’s 2018 legislative agenda.

Kim “knows I’m not messing around. I’m not messing around, not even a little bit, not even 1 percent. He understands in which,” Trump said.

Assessing next week’s discussions, Trump said “if something can happen in addition to something can come out of those talks, in which would certainly be a great thing for all of humanity. in which would certainly be a great thing for the globe.”

The president also said in which he had spoken with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, who “thanks me very much for my tough stance.”

“You have to have a certain attitude in addition to you have to be prepared to do certain things in addition to I’m totally prepared to do in which,” Trump said, contending his tough words have helped persuade the North to sit down with the South.

Trump had tweeted last week: “Does anybody actually believe in which talks in addition to dialogue would certainly be going on between North in addition to South Korea right at in which point if I wasn’t firm, strong in addition to willing to commit our total ‘might’ against the North.”

His administration on Thursday agreed to delay joint military exercises with South Korea until after the Olympics. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis insisted the move was a practical necessity to accommodate the Olympics in addition to was not a political gesture.

Trump in addition to Kim have traded barbs recently about their nuclear arsenals.

In a brand new Year’s address, Kim said he incorporates a “nuclear button” on his office desk in addition to warned in which “the whole territory of the U.S. can be within the range of our nuclear strike.”

Trump soon responded: “Will someone by his depleted in addition to food starved regime please inform him in which I too have a Nuclear Button, yet in which can be a much bigger & more powerful one than his, in addition to my Button works!”

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