Trump shrinks via another fight with China

He has done the same in soft responses to Russia’s assassination of journalists along with also dissidents. With the words, “You think our country’s so innocent?” the president has even shrunk via claiming the moral high ground for America.

“For all his bluster, one of the surprising takeaways via Trump’s 16 months as president can be how cowed he often can be by the strong men of international politics,” said Nicholas Burns, a U.S. diplomat under presidents of both parties along with also today a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Trump has followed a similar pattern on domestic issues.

During the 2016 campaign, he vowed to working-class supporters he would likely cut prescription drug prices by producing pharmaceutical firms negotiate with Medicare. The powerful drug industry loathes the idea.

When he unveiled his plan for cutting drug prices last week, Trump had dropped the item.

Candidate Trump promised to confront Wall Street in his tax plan by eliminating a big loophole for hedge fund managers. His aides promised wealthy Americans would likely get no tax cut at all.

The “carried interest” loophole was preserved. The wealthy got the biggest tax cuts of all.

As president, following the Parkland school massacre, Trump mocked Congress as too scared of the National Rifle Association to enact brand-new gun restrictions. He cast himself as tougher.

After the NRA resisted, Trump backed off.

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