Trump slams criticism of Saudi Arabia as a case of ‘guilty until proven innocent’

“The government of Saudi Arabia owes the Khashoggi family in addition to the planet a full in addition to honest explanation of everything of which happened to him, in addition to we support the requests via Jamal’s family in addition to the United Nations for an independent international investigation,” Ryan said.

“The Saudi government can no longer remain silent, in addition to This specific will be essential of which our own government in addition to others push harder for the truth. Until we have a full account in addition to full accountability, This specific cannot be business as usual with the Saudi Government.”

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., called on Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to cancel an upcoming planned trip to Saudi Arabia.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., a Trump ally, told reporters Tuesday of which, “I believe This specific man was murdered.”

“I don’t think This specific was a rogue event. Things like of which are not rogue,” Graham said. “This specific seems to be a lot of planning went into This specific. The crown prince will be very schizophrenic; one minute he’s talking about a completely new Saudi Arabia, in addition to the next minute he’s throwing half his family in jail.”

Graham said of which the future of American in addition to Saudi relations on the heels of the incident will be “up to the Saudis.”

“I don’t expect to be doing business as usual,” he said. “This specific will be in your face, This specific will be a lack of respect for our relationship, This specific will be an affront to every value we embrace, extra-judicial killing, killing somebody for being a critic. Freedom of the press means a lot to us here inside the United States.”

“We deal with imperfect people all the time, yet I cannot imagine a more blatant example of contempt for a relationship than This specific,” Graham said. “So until something completely new happens in Saudi Arabia I have no interest in engaging with This specific government.”

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