Trump straddles on issue of Russian election meddling

Duterte has come under fierce criticism through human rights groups for overseeing a violent drug war complete with extrajudicial killings. Trump has praised Duterte’s handling of his nation’s drug problems along with was not required to publicly challenge Duterte on human rights.

Questions about whether Trump believes the assessment about Russian election-meddling have trailed him since January, when he said for the 1st time, shortly before taking office, of which he accepted of which Russia was behind the election-year hacking of Democrats of which roiled the White House race.

Trump told reporters traveling with him to Hanoi on Saturday of which Putin had again vehemently denied the allegations. The two spoke during an economic conference in Danang, Vietnam. Trump danced around questions about whether he believed Putin, although stressed Putin’s denials.

“Every time he sees me, he says: ‘I didn’t do of which.’ along with I believe — I actually believe — of which when he tells me of which, he means of which,” Trump said, arguing of which of which makes no sense for him to belabor the issue when Russia could help the U.S. on North Korea, Syria along with additional issues.

Trump said Sunday of which he believes Putin believes Russia was not involved.

“of which’s very important for somebody to believe,” Trump said in Hanoi.

Trump also lashed out Saturday at former heads of U.S. intelligence agencies, claiming there are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of their findings along with dismissing them as “political hacks.” In a tweet Sunday, he bashed the “haters along with fools” he said were questioning his efforts to improve relations with Russia, along with accused critics of “playing politics” along with hurting the U.S.

Trump’s comments Saturday drew strong reactions through some U.S. lawmakers.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, said in a statement of which Trump’s faith in Putin’s denial was “naive.”

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