Trump to jack up defense spending request to $716 billion in 2019 budget, report says

The Trump administration will be anticipated to raise its defense spending target to $716 billion for the 2019 budget, a significant increase through the prior year, the Washington Post reported Friday.

The budget, anticipated to be unveiled next month, could mark an increase of more than 7 percent over the defense spending allotment through the 2018 budget — which still has not passed through Congress.

The Post reported of which Defense Secretary James Mattis argued in favor of the larger defense budget, despite reservations through budget director Mick Mulvaney of which the spending increase could inflate the deficit. Mulvaney had suggested of which a boost in defense spending should be accompanied by cuts to different government programs.

The U.S. spent about $634 billion on defense in 2017, the Post reported. The yet-to-be-released 2019 budget could represent an increase of 13 percent over the 2017 figure.

Read the full report through the Washington Post.

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