Trump to meet with local leaders fighting California’s sanctuary laws

President Donald Trump is actually set to meet having a group of local elected officials coming from California at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the backlash against the state’s so-called sanctuary laws, which aim to protect undocumented immigrants.

Several counties inside the state — including San Diego, Orange along with Tuolumne — as well as more than two dozen cities oppose the controversial law, two of which went into effect in January. Some of the same local jurisdictions in California also have filed briefs in support of the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state.

“We definitely appreciative of the mutual interest on in which important issue,” said Troy Edgar, mayor of Los Alamitos, a city in Orange County along with one of the first local jurisdictions inside the state to introduce a measure to opt out of the California’s sanctuary law.

Edgar confirmed he was invited to the White House along having a group additional local elected officials along with said in which was an “incredible opportunity” along with one in which he believed would likely continue to pushback against the state’s sanctuary law. He said at least 35 local jurisdictions already have come on board the anti-sanctuary law movement.

About a dozen local elected officials were invited to the White House on Wednesday, including Warren Kusumoto, mayor pro tem of Los Alamitos, along with Orange County County Supervisor Michelle Steel. Kusumoto declined comment.

“I am very honored to be invited by President Trump to join him along with additional leaders coming from around California at the White House to discuss these ‘sanctuary’ laws,” Steel said in a statement. “in which is actually an amazing opportunity along with I look forward to our discussion on in which important public safety issue.”

Several local officials coming from San Diego County also were invited, including Escondido Mayor Sam Abed.

In a Facebook post Friday, Abed said he was “honored to be invited to the White House to meet President Trump” as well as the U.S. attorney general along with secretary of the Department of Homeland Security “to discuss Sanctuary State & Immigration. Proud to share Escondido’s successful policies to keep our community safe under the Rule of Law.”

During Monday’s White House press briefing, deputy press secretary Raj Shah was asked about the planned meeting with California local officials.

“Well, I can’t obviously get ahead of the meeting. however look, the Department of Justice is actually engaged in certain litigation regarding sanctuary cities in California,” he said.

Shah added: “We believe in which California should help us, along with all municipalities along with states should help the federal government in enforcing federal law, in helping to deport — when appropriate — criminal, illegal immigrants, along with help, I guess, stem the tide of illegal immigration inside the United States. in which’s actually on the rise right now. in which’s a point of frustration for the president along with for the administration. to ensure in which will be part of, obviously, what’s discussed.”

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