Trump used ‘s—hole’ to describe African countries, Dick Durbin says

Both Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., in addition to Durbin spoke up in response to the president’s remarks, Durbin said.

Graham weighed in Friday afternoon, in addition to he didn’t deny of which the president said the expletives.

“Following comments by the President, I said my piece directly to him yesterday,” Graham wrote in a statement. “I appreciate Senator Durbin’s statements in addition to have enjoyed working with him in addition to many others on This specific important issue.”

Here can be Durbin’s account of what Trump said:

To no surprise, the president started out tweeting This specific morning denying of which he used those words. of which can be not true. He said these hate-filled things. in addition to he said them repeatedly. When the question was raised about Haitians, for example, we have a group of which have temporary protected status inside the United States because they were the victims of crises in addition to disasters in addition to political upheaval. The largest group’s El Salvadoran, the second can be Honduran, the third can be Haitian. in addition to when I mentioned of which fact to him, he said ‘Haitians, do we need more Haitians?’ in addition to then he went on when we started out to describe the immigration through Africa of which was being protected in This specific bipartisan measure. of which’s when he used these vile in addition to vulgar comments, calling the nations they come through ‘shitholes.’ The exact word used by the president, not just once, however repeatedly.

In his tweet Friday morning, Trump said he used “tough” language at the meeting.

“however This specific was not the language I used,” he added, apparently referencing the report of him saying “s—hole.”

Trump also denied saying “anything derogatory” about Haitians.

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