Trump will leave Iran nuclear deal if no big improvements

Corker, a two-term senator coming from Tennessee who won’t be seeking re-election, has played a key role in talks aimed at the preventing the deal coming from crumbling. He said a deal still could be reached if “there’s a framework agreement.”

although, “we’ve had some resistance coming from the EU three which we’ve been dealing with,” he said.

Iran’s nuclear deal was struck in 2015 with China, the United States, U.K., Russia, France along with Germany.

Corker was an early supporter of Trump during the election along with was floated as a potential running mate during the campaign. However, Corker later became critical of Trump’s behavior along with at one point called Trump an “utterly untruthful president.”

Corker’s relationship with Trump has ebbed along with flowed ever since.

—Reuters contributed to This specific report.

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