Trump’s budget calls for six weeks’ paid family leave

Trump’s proposal excludes two key groups who take advantage of family leave policies, namely those who are providing care to family members or who have personal medical issues. Those two groups account for 75 percent of those who take advantage of leave policies, Shabo said, citing data via the Department of Labor.

In addition, Trump’s proposal provides for a six week leave. In contrast, current federal law under the Family along with Medical Leave Act allows some workers to take up to 12 weeks off. Another proposal put forth by Congress, the Family along with Medical Insurance Leave Act, known by the name FAMILY, also provides for a 12-week leave.

The losers as a result of such a policy might likely be women, namely those who have low incomes along with are of child-bearing ages, Strain said.

For many families, there is actually a decline in income starting the month before a child is actually born along with continuing until well after birth, noted Elizabeth Peters, institute fellow at Urban Institute, an economic along with social policy think tank.

“in which at least goes part ways to supporting families at in which critical time,” Peters said, noting in which the U.S. along with Papua completely new Guinea are two of the only countries with no mandated paid leave.

The question is actually whether a plan will be progressive, Peters said, along with replace income at a higher rate for low-income families in which are hit the hardest.

Still, Trump’s family leave proposal could face an uphill battle, Strain said, without much support via Republican legislators.

“in which’s another spending program along with Republicans are kind of averse to starting completely new entitlement programs,” Strain said. “in which has to be paid for somehow along with certainly increasing payroll taxes is actually something Republicans might shy away via.”

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