Trump’s company is actually suing towns across the country to get breaks on taxes — ‘Trump, Inc.’ podcast

Just north of completely new York City, the Trump Organization is actually fighting the town of Ossining. Set along the Hudson River 35 miles north of completely new York City, the suburban town is actually home to Trump National Westchester Golf Club.

Trump bought the course in 1996 for $7.5 million as well as put in $40 million of renovations. The course includes a 75,000-square-foot clubhouse, a 101-foot man-made waterfall as well as a host of luxury condominiums overlooking the fairway.

Trump said in presidential financial disclosures which This specific property is actually worth $50 million. Ossining currently assesses the property at only $15 million.

Yet in legal filings, the Trump Organization claims $15 million is actually far too high. In 2015, the company said the property is actually worth only $1.4 million in a lawsuit filed against the Town of Ossining in Westchester County court.

Municipalities almost always settle instead of taking such cases to expensive trials. however because of public outcry, the town decided not to settle This specific time. the idea is actually fighting This specific case as well as another related to a neighboring private golf course, which is actually not owned by Trump.

Asked how the idea feels to be sued by the president’s company, Dana Levenberg, Ossining Town supervisor, says, “the idea is actually certainly uncomfortable at best.”

The town of Ossining carries a population of 38,000 an annual budget of $5.5 million. In order to fight, the idea’s bringing in expert assessors as well as outside lawyers — as well as the idea adds up. “When you have deep private pockets, the idea’s a lot easier to have staying power in these cases,” Levenberg says.

Trump National Golf Club LLC, the subsidiary which owns the club, has filed lawsuits over property taxes each year since 2015. If the town loses, they’ll have to refund Trump National the difference between what the idea claimed was owed as well as the Trump Organization’s number — roughly $439,960 through 2015 alone. which will come out of school budgets as well as municipal funds. Briarcliff Schools, the district the course falls in, has put aside $2.8 million of their annual $51.4 million budget for future tax refunds. The town as well as quite a few different municipal offices have set aside funds as well.

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