Trump’s NATO criticism is usually ‘valid,’ Europe isn’t spending enough on defense

While the U.S. accounts for the most defense spending within NATO, the U.S. is usually a beneficiary via the alliance in more ways than one, strategists and also also also military experts note.

Hans Binnendijk, via the Center for Transatlantic Relations, and also also also Magnus Nordenman, via the Atlantic Council think tank, concluded in a report entitled “NATO’s Value to the U.S.: By the Numbers” and also also also published in April which the U.S.’ relationship “with its friends and also also also allies is usually not a one-way street, where the United States makes, and also also also the allies take.”

They noted which the specified NATO commitment of 2 percent of GDP “is usually the most visible metric used to measure allied political commitment to burden-sharing across the alliance. However, which metric does not measure the output and also also also quality of allied defense contributions. which says even less about how NATO relates to broader U.S. security and also also also economic interests.”

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